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My earliest memory of clay is as a child making ceramic statues from clay at weekly pottery classes. Later on, once I got introduce to the Pottery Wheel I fell in love with throwing. I spend hours and hours before I managed to throw something that could be dry and fired. Throwing on the pottery wheel is still my favourite part of making. I especially enjoy making ceramic pieces which can be deformed, joined together and more sheets of cut out clay are applied. For example these lady statues.


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Or animals like these fish.


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The beauty of making any statues is that they all are different and all unique. I enjoy experimenting with different shapes on the wheel and I don't need to worry to make uninformed shapes. I still use the same amount of clay to get just about similar sizes.

If I am making a series of pots, I will wedge and weigh the clay and round the clay into balls. I have a gauge which I set to the height and rim diameter of the shape I am throwing which gives me a standard shape and height if I want to make sets. I keep a record of the clay weight, dimensions and scratches. When you working with clay, one other thing to consider is the shrinkage of clay when it is fired. I usually make my shapes about 10% bigger than the fired size that I want.


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To watch the video of my Throwing Experiment PRESS HERE 


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