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I have been approached by Love Productions (the producers of Bake Off) which is producing  the next series of ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’ for BBC2. The production has asked to feature a collection of my clocks.
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An original design of hand-made functional and decorative ceramics in white
earthenware or stoneware.
pendulum clock fish
cirilo bowls

Iveta studied ceramics in her home country of the Czech Republic before working for a TV Film

Cartoon  Studio  in  Zlin.  Iveta's  dream  was  always  to  have  her  own  studio  and  this has

come true when converting her garage in to the studio pottery in West Sussex and establishing

her company Iveta Goddard Ceramics in 2004.


Her contemporary unique pieces, which encompasses innovative wall plaques, clocks and

lamps built by slabs, bowls and cups thrown on the wheel and a range of coasters, tealights

and jewellery is now sold in an impressive host of galleries and to private collectors both

in the UK and ouverseas, including Japan and Australia.


Iveta's recent work certainly has a rustic charm and blurs the line between being pretty and



She says: "I enjoy the whole process of creating something from an idea which can come

from anywere at any time. For example the idea for the shape of the clocks that I

make came from an interesting stone that I saw in an ornamental garden".


She continues: "Using the natural texture of clay with minimal use of coloured glazes to create

something that someone will appreciate and bring into their home is what really motivates me."


Iveta reveals her proudest works moments: "Every time someone comes up to me at a

show or exhibition and says that they bought something from me a number of years ago

and it still has pride of place somewere in their house."




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